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About Us

We are conveniently located in the heart of Belfast City Centre. Dark Angel Tattoo Studio has been providing safe, clean, and friendly tattoo services for 13 years. We have the collective skills and experience to give you a special piece of artwork; whether you are looking to get your first tattoo or to add to your current collection. With around five tattoo studios in central Belfast, competition is fierce, but we are still revered to be one of the most artistic around!

Dark Angel Tattoo Studios originally started by myself, Bruce, as Kaotica Tattoo, a one-man operation opening in the In-Shops, Belfast in 1998. The transformation to Dark Angel Tattoo Studios came in 2001 when It became necessary to take on a number of staff, due to both increased demand and to maintain the quality service that has always been provided.

Due to the high standards I have always maintained, I train all my staff and do not employ previously trained tattooists. Currently there are two artists working full-time. Myself and Jason; to learn more about our beginnings see our profiles.

Dark Angel Tattoo Studios have an extensive range of designs available in the studio, but if you have a design of your own we will be happy to do it. Equally, if you have an idea of what you want, we specialize in custom work and pride ourselves on the range of designs we have created. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I invite you to call in anytime.

We work mainly by appointment. We do take walk-ins, but only if we have a free space. If you want to get a tattoo we suggest you call in any time and arrange an appointment. Coming in with the hope of getting a tattoo done there and then will probably mean you make an appointment or leave disappointed, there are normally very few open spaces in our days at the minute.

Studio Etiquette
We have always prided ourselves on both the quality of our artwork and the cleanliness of our studios. To maintain these standards there are a few rules we as all customers to respect and follow.
-NO children are allowed in the studio
-If you are getting a tattoo you are allowed to have ONE person with you to provide support

Brucepic BRUCE

As with many people in this business, my interest in tattooing started when I got my first tattoo. I went to my local studio where I instantly developed a passion for the art...

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Having been interested in tattoos since Art College it was only natural that my work started to take that direction and I was lucky enough to complete an apprenticeship...

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